Tumpek Kandang Day, the blessed wild!

Tumpek Kandang Day is one of my favorite day in Bali island, when you have a job at a zoo the massive amount of cuteness burst contains in Tumpek Kandang Day is inevitable. The furry family members will be sprinkled holy water by Pemangku, a Balinese priest and every reactions are priceless I have no words to say. Just LOOK!

Septi my homegurl does nunas tirta better than you
Soft kitty, warm kitty.. little ball of fur…

There is no denying the appeal of baby animals, these are the cutest beasts on the face of the planet earth, too bad they grow up.

Escape to Bangladesh
IMG_5982 copy
The gentle giants
I need some more baby animals. stat.
Sari the adorable cub

It’s indeed a vibrant and a heartwarming day where you can easily capture numerous adorable inter-species encounters. I strongly suggest you to come to a zoo in Bali every Tumpek Kandang Day which occurs every six months on Saturday for a delightful opportunity to see a heartfelt Balinese ceremony in the garden just like some of journalist trying to freeze the moments.


This cute bli zookeeper is actually my lifelong crush btw #kasihtaksampai

Orangutans Galore

I got so lucky working at a wonderful zoo and having behind the scene encounter with these iconic apes on daily basis. Some of these king of the jungle are clingy like a super glue that will get you effortlessly emotionally attached. They are insanely adorable ball of furs I wish to cuddle and receiving free massage from. Unlike Siamang, my other favorite primate.. orangutans are so heavy! just like me..

Check out some snaps of my furry and friendly sidekick from Bali Zoo named Septi and Dara at Kampung Sumatra, Bali Zoo.



Massage plus plus..


I told you these are like some super clingy ex-boyfriends (if I had one!)

Another bonus photos for you is this eye candy man Mr. Richo Kyle, a delightful man I’d like to bring home and introduce to my parents to whom I had a pleasure to welcome at Bali Zoo.