Orangutans Galore

I got so lucky working at a wonderful zoo and having behind the scene encounter with these iconic apes on daily basis. Some of these king of the jungle are clingy like a super glue that will get you effortlessly emotionally attached. They are insanely adorable ball of furs I wish to cuddle and receiving free massage from. Unlike Siamang, my other favorite primate.. orangutans are so heavy! just like me..

Check out some snaps of my furry and friendly sidekick from Bali Zoo named Septi and Dara at Kampung Sumatra, Bali Zoo.



Massage plus plus..


I told you these are like some super clingy ex-boyfriends (if I had one!)

Another bonus photos for you is this eye candy man Mr. Richo Kyle, a delightful man I’d like to bring home and introduce to my parents to whom I had a pleasure to welcome at Bali Zoo.





Author: alohahenny

Sumatran bred, an ardent napper, fervent philotherianism.

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